AUSTIN-HEALEY 100-SIX and 3000


This workshop manual gives comprehensive and authentic information for the assistance of the Austin Distributors and Dealer organisations in maintaining and repairing the Austin-Healey 100-SIX, and 3000, Mk. I and 11.

The manual is divided into sections each of which deals with an assembly or major component of the vehicle and carries a reference letter. Where necessary, a section is divided into two or three parts. In such cases, the single letter section refers to Series BN4 cars, the double letter section to Series BN6 cars, and the treble letter section to 3000 Mk. I and I1 (Series BN7 and BT7) cars and Mk. I1 Sports Convertible (Series BJ7) cars. Double and treble letter sections should always be used in conjunction with the corresponding single letter section. Where there are no double or treble letter sections the information contained in the single letter section refers to all models.

Full illustration of both major and sub-assemblies accompanies the detailed instructions for the dismantling, assembling and inspection of component parts. It is emphasised that only B.M.C. Genuine Parts are to be used as replacements, and the operator should at all times make use of his Service Parts List.

Use of the correct Service Tools contributes to an efficient, economic, and profitable repair. References to such tools have, therefore, been made throughout the manual.